Real Estate Inspections

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Real Estate Inspections

Real Estate Inspections  | Speer Termite & Pest Control  - Davenport, IA

Speer Termite & Pest Control is available to real estate agents and others in the home sales market in Davenport, IA to provide qualified and detailed real estate inspections for termites and other damaging insects. Our services are guaranteed reliable and affordable.

Real estate agents representing a client are responsible for every aspect of an upcoming property transaction and must make sure every “I” is dotted. That includes finding a qualified, licensed termite inspector to do a top level termite inspection of the property, one who will give a detailed report on what they found or did not find. This report also should include what repairs may be needed or what treatment is required.

At Speer Termite & Pest Control, we have gained a reputation for our quick, yet complete, real estate inspections. We can provide a fast turnaround and have the experience to identify the needs and the expertise to fix them just as quickly.

We have a history of working with V.A., Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac properties, so whether you are representing the seller or the buyer, you can be assured of our trusted and reliable real estate inspections.

Individuals looking to buy a new home can use our reports for an outline of potential threats or areas where there could be future infestations and use it to decide whether the property is worth the effort to fix. These suspect spots could be fallen trees or debris near the home, wood-to-ground contact, damp basements, wood piles, and other places that would be attractive to termites.

Before you make that type of investment in Davenport IA, know what you are buying with real estate inspections by the pros at Speer Termite & Pest Control. Call us today for an appointment.