Pest Control

Speer Termite & Pest Control is Davenport’s No. 1 hater of bugs and other pests. Let them destroy yours.

Pest Control

Pest Control  | Speer Termite & Pest Control  - Davenport, IA

Speer Termite & Pest Control hates pests as much as you do and has developed the programs and technologies needed to get rid of them, pronto. We have a growing reputation in the Davenport IA, area for being the team you want on your side in the battle to take back your home or office.

Just think of what we are facing. There are the roaches that thrive on the food and warmth you provide. And their thanks is to contaminate food and spread disease. Then there are the carpenter ants chewing on your home, or the bees and wasps, spiders, silverfish, millipedes, ticks, fleas, and a host of other invaders.

But the battle will be on with the bug side losing when you contact the professional exterminators at Speer Termite & Pest Control. Our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians carry the most advanced arsenal to date into each skirmish so you can rest assured the victory will be yours at prices that won’t be a pest.

Our technicians will inspect your property to find all the hiding places where bugs dwell and breed. Then we will treat your property with a program specifically tailored to your needs. This program could include:

• Treatment of cracks and crevices
• Void treatment
• Insect growth regulators
• Bait
• Exterior protection
• Directed contact

If you hate bugs as much as we do, eliminate them by putting the pros on your team. Contact Speer Termite & Pest Control for an initial inspection and estimate. Are bugs your fear? Call Speer!